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Did you know installing/updating your insulation can qualify you for cash rebates? We retrieve the proper information from our customers and apply to their specific gas company. Save money in the process of upgrading your home to be more comfortable.

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Attics, walls, basements, crawlspaces, bonds/rim joist, floors, ceilings, garages, sound attenuation, air sealing, and insulation removal.

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At Dana Insulation, we understand that every home or business is unique and offer a wide range of products and services. Utilizing our 40+ years of experience and expertise we will recommend the best solution to suit your project needs.

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cellulose insulation michigan


Most common in attics and sometimes wall can be either a loose fill or blown-in material primarily made of recycled newsprint or denim.

fiberglass insulation michigan


Can be used in all areas of the home including attic, walls, crawl space and rim joist. It’s made up of extremely fine glass fibers and can be in rolls called loose fill/batts. Made to be put between floor joists but also allows for major air flow leading to potential problems like uncomfortable rooms, drafts, cold floors and high energy bills. Least expensive but often causes the most problems.

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Spray Foam

Made of organic chemical compounds derived from petroleum extracts and can be used in open spaces like attics or walls during construction. Spray foam is further divided into open/closed cell foam insulation. Foam insulation can be injected into closed cavities like closed walls. Open and closed fills in openings and cracks. No need to tear down drywall or existing insulation.

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